SBE Glass-fiber Covered Winding Wires
name:SBE Glass-fiber Covered Winding Wires
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  This product is applicable to all types of large and medium AC and DC electrical machinery, high temperature electronics, transformer windings and coils, which is characterized by high mechanical features, overload capacity and heat resistance.
2. Model
 New Models  Original Model  Designation
 GLEB  SBEB  Double Glass-fiber Flat Copper Wires
3.Temperature Index: :
 Grade 130  Grade 155 Grade 180 Grade 200
4.Production Range:
 Side A 0.80mm-5.60mm Side B 2.00mm-16.00mm
5.Implementation Standards:
6.Main Technical Requirements:
 Project Name Technical Requirements Test Method
 Conductor sizes and radiuses Complying with Article IV in GB7672.1-2008 standard GB/T 4074.2
Insulation thickness Insulation thickness Deviation % GB/T 4074.2
0.20-0.50 -20
DC Resistance The per unit length of DC resistance R20 of conductors at 20 ℃ should comply with Article 5 of GB7672.1 standard. GB/T 3048.2
Elongation Nominal size Elongation % GB/T 4074.3
a≤2.50 ≥30
a>2.50 ≥32
Bending Nominal Size Shaft Diameter After the wide and narrow sides are bent on the round bar according to a given diameter, the insulating layer should not crack nor expose films. GB/T 4074.3
2≤b≤8 10b
8<b<16 15b
0.8<a<5.6 10a
Breakdown Voltage Insulation thickness Breakdown Voltage V GB/T 4074.5
0.20-0.50 ≥560
Springback Angle The maximum spring angle should not exceed 5.5°. ° GB/T4074.3
Adhesion After a sample is stretched by 10%, the insulation layer should not lose its adhesion GB/T4074.3